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Chanakya Adviser a complete law firm ,providing law full service in INDIA , We knew today, that to our clients time is a value based matter, we respect client’s,client’s service is our bread and foundation to our concern, we appt to be trusted, dedicated and honest to the service we provide. Our team with professionals and expertise’rs individually to the each expertisation to handle client issues with an international capability to legalize the issues as per our respected Indian law and jurisdiction to work for international law firms and other concerns. Specifically we provide one stop solution for property advisory in providing our pridefull legal advice in purchasing and selling property to corporate and individuals by tying with accountancy auditors, engineers Architects and Contractors to assess and help our clients to inaugurate their dream projects and properties without hurdles.


World was Natural & law full in Nature, world to be law full, we also to be law full

Your support to this web site might make great difference .Chanakya Adviser’s a multi disciplinary legal service firm emerging for lawful revolution, strategy formulation, providing solution, as /for success achievers.

Previously, world had been created complete law fully ,The man made law is to secure humankind ,land law is made and amended on majority practice But natural law is not amended its violation of law is punished, The copy of natural law is adopted in land law. today we can see various success achievers adopted law full means and reached their aims, let us follow the same and succeed.

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