CHANAKYA ADVISOR EXTENCIVELY covers all matter and area of profession on business service vary upon the field of operation, type, seize, objective stages and priority of clients, Significant area of legal auditing is proper and punctual compliance to all governing regulatory and on mandatory loss. And recommendations of government authorities of state federal and international level. Our elegant and responsible legal audit service will enable enterprises, business corporation, company managers, to be more professional and sound to assess regulate and manage their activities and policies. For cheeriest profit and rapid progress, our legal audit practice, area covers the following subject. Betterment of organizational or managerial structure. Protection to infrastructure and intellectual property. All regulatory and mandatory compliances. Lab our and employment law. Business and commercial law. Plans policies and strategies for future progress and prosperity. lawful Method and process of production, distribution and marketing. Taxation and tax planning. Insurance, environmental law. Nation vide or International Business, FDI, Capital Market, Joint Venture, Foreign Collaboration, Mergers and acquisition.

Business Sector:

Automatic, Banking, Power and Energy, Joint Venture, Immigration, Infrastructure Corporation Confluence, Real Estate, Engineering, Asset Management, Industry and Manufacturing, Investment Funds, Insurance, Technology Innovation, Media and Entertainment, Telecommunication, Tourism and Hospitality, Legal Compliance Auditing, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Construction, Education, Out Bound Investment from India, Trade Secretes, Charity and Social Services, Specifically retreat, Yoga our legal policy, Evasion Law, Admiralty Law, Anti Dumping Law, Banking Law, Business Law, Business Litigation, Commercial Law and Litigation, Construction Law, Corporate Law, Copyright Law, Education Law, Employment Law, Financial Institution, Family Law, Accident Law, Incretion Law, IBR Law, Media Law, Facts Law, Exercise Law, Franchise service, Foreign Exchange Management etc.,