Chanakya’s on FDI: Foreign Direct Investment in India with special focus on Real Estate, BDA launch, Real Estate, T.V. .in Real Estate School, Global Real Estate Masters, Buy, Sell on India at Chanakya Web Site, Join Chanakya Community. Chanakya Associated social charted accountant, architect, Engineering, legal, service providing firm, also builders &contractors.

The firm is proud to be associated with various social-charity and charter accountant firm with office in Bangalore in order to offer the highest quality one stop service to all specifically to foreign direct investors in the field of investment in industries, Real Estate including with repatriations, advise on entity and exit strategy for overseas investors, advise on entity structuring and in particularly SPB formation Vis-S-Vis REITS, in deep knowledge of FEMA Regulations, Advise on direct tax indication in all fact. Advise on VAT and service tax implication of Industrial, Residential and Commercial projects. Chanakya Property advisor along with selected associates, practicing exclusively in the field of Real Estate Law over personally expertise with local and state properties in Karnataka, offer speedy advise delivery, individual approach to each client, has built in INN roads into all government offices to provide all searches and sanctions, Never Confine to demand documents from client alone.

Area Expertise:

The due diligences - For property purchase Title Opinion on property/documentation. Legal formality for integrated townships commercial complex, tech-park, special economic zones, Laagering with D.C., KAIDB, BDA, KHB, BMRDA etc., for approvals, single window clearance for large projects providing space for events & Exhibitions .INFRASTRUCTURE ; The firm has up to date, electronic data base of legal judgments from s/c, h/c and is fully equipped with a good library facility for legal research. Click on buttons for ownership of immovable property, harassment of common man by public authorities in socially and legally infurnishable. Regarding transaction and GPA sales what the law says. Why police are failing in s to register FIR even on complaint .are they ignorant of law. Clarification Regarding A Kanab and B Karab land, Revenue Exemption, observations of court regarding SC/St PTCL act cases.