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Chanakya-Clarification on “GOD”

True it is a great pending question still pending as on exepereatial thought strength-power is god nature in god.unvisibble&visible all are god.Lets not stand in a corner lets not didturb the belong of “bible” “kurons” and writing on god. God is that or we belove.

Truly we regarding the existence & nonexistence no aruguments we stand either side we are is middle we wish both to conclude properly we never judge on this issue because finding is on exam,examiner in not to stand either side participate must go in more makes in his subject.

What ever you do it is your god your self Hence we cell you to join us to find out your strength.

Just understand why Art-culture and all act of their food steps where merged in the name of god,All idols of god are in forms of YOGASANAS,all culture hence in a bland of yogosanas all atr&craft is on TAPAS.

Do you mean you wont to runout of it and create something else.Dont try all goes in vain,all your act is due to the cergers in you find the strength.
When you are in such illusion of doubt
When you will have to feel money quertiers
When your path is in right direction but
When your are not in confedent you need
Guru you believe your guru who gave on company to have cigarate will you do not neglect.Previously the guru filled with strength now guru is divided into half strength&half guru is not in whole,guru is scotared in money forms. Person who makes you know about your strength about your god in guru,guru is he who show you the path towards god.

God not be limited it in just a unlimited power.It is omnipresent .God is the evry matter living &nonliving.God is nothing goog&bad,he is in all.god is universe.God is nature.God is you&me.God is in hell&heaven.God is in every where.Power is every where,Power is understood by understanding by seving by experiencing.By living.Living by awareness of breathing.Breath is presence.God living being oxygen in on paremount need to leave water/air/earth/ with out oxygen be helpful for living being. All being or nonliving are to be for accept his law,to press him to press him crceturm to accept him law, to abide him rule to do his duety to protect him .To response one another and all his culture,and finding him in one&all first in ourself in the form of presence the air the breath.

Maha(great)yogasadak DR.rajkumar videos