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Grow Younger

HOPEFULL Readers Growing younger is possible become growing longer seems not possible in the present age that we stond. But YOGA teaches both possible by preching YOGA Longitivitiy is also possible. Still it is not late, workout now start serving start learning we well come you to serve-learn-end earn.By serving other you to earn health and welth.

We wish to Babord this action plan of serve by earning. Serve by learning,show the talent you grow younger, yoga helps you to grow younger. For this yoga expects you to understood it. Each end every living being have yogi inside.It is the strength groeing by feeling YOGA.

YOGA is just a word which connect be described.It has a west dimension.It can be expected by only self.YOGA therephy guide to grow younger you must be in daily practice of yogic exercise which will be guided you in every monthly session to practice will your team at your own venue.

Monthly programe helps you and your team meats to learn the yoga in physicals mentel part the mergive guides you all the nessesary theoretical part regularly . Now particularly on the month of diet.

Fet reliving vitemins- A.D-E.K& Beta Caritine this will be in will be released veryslow so the toxin level raises. In case of correctly utilize then ADEK maybe bone strength&Blood.

Maha(great)yogasadak DR.rajkumar videos