How do We Work

All queries are sent to back office of advisors, and sent for scruitinization to access the legal fact and process of involvement and estimation of charges shall be prepared and coated as per the indulgence with involvement of time, days and quality man power of attorney and staff. Further the interaction takes place between client and provide the options to pay professional charges through bank transfer, cheque, cash or any other convenient mode.

Further advice and services starts by teli conference, video conference, personal conference, E-mail and legal chatting on mail effectively and comprehensively by way of questionnaire and facts of case by series of nail, and after the best satisfaction, experts and effective talented are sent to present. All para legal services of drafting, complaints, plaints, written statements, applications, memo are done by the team.

All legal queries is scrutinize by back office team and further summery assessment of the various legal angle involvement of process and time required and the incurring expenses of professionals is calculated and the estimate of the charges are made and presented and appearance the same immediately by coating the same, and after approval the matter is taken up. Charges of profession for services are calculated on involvement.

we as chanakya Advisers are competent and quick as to our possibility, we have undergone lot of experience and bulk of preparations to provide knowledge to public and up coming advocates as how we analyze a case or issue. we are submissive to court and law and rational to breach, we react to each changing environment, we teach the courses on chef, cross, submissions and arguments to all Juniors and upcoming Advocates and we duely educate our clients, agents and beloved.

World was Natural & law full in Nature, world to be law full, we also to be law full

Your support to this web site might make great difference .Chanakya Adviser’s a multi disciplinary legal service firm emerging for lawful revolution, strategy formulation, providing solution, as /for success achievers.

Previously, world had been created complete law fully ,The man made law is to secure humankind ,land law is made and amended on majority practice But natural law is not amended its violation of law is punished, The copy of natural law is adopted in land law. today we can see various success achievers adopted law full means and reached their aims, let us follow the same and succeed.