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All believe in power as power is every where may be god or nature power is every where that is in&out.All universal Spiritual Thought believe,women power is a cause for all creation and development some say MEN power is great &wome power is great some say as on negative&positive.

We clearly understand mother is the cause for generation power of mother is very intimate and kind.we also say behind every success of men there should be a women we agree she is the power,she is the cause he is only on material support.she is every thing& she is the mother,she is the creator,she is the only god the power.

In india she is workshiped,she is recognized and she is nominated in every things.Bhoomi earth is ment for germination hence she is called bhoomi toyi(MOTHER EARTH),water is in need to germinate hebce she is gangamatha.Indians find mother in all yes every body every female are capable of mother-hood-hence every female is respected as mother sister,acent-cosin-including wife is respected as mother.

Mother in all ana in all she is everything,no men is complete without women.every men has on instinct of women observe-think-every men has on instinct of femine inside,since it humon is femine interms of being emotional all are very much like women majority love. Bitching wearing,they abhorzits they gei paranoid about them and resists to what ever measures they can do get them in their system.Humour noughtyness,anger,humble,affectionate,attraction,glamour,smile,singing,dancing all other or an association of women fragments.such feminity is in is within all,unless until she is an wife- partner rest in all time she is great as an mother she playes all part of act such as friend,minister,guide,administrator and folloe as shadow to the women.Hence men without women is who-men.that is wo he is lost no chance she is in every men internally”insence heart” of humaninty in men is women. He is also a symbol of mother hence men is loved by all because of motherly feeling.

Supporting this the story saya power was physically formed as a form of mother without father. Next for this sake of creation father was created by mother father rejected mother to marring. He was wish know so hw was burned into ashes,next prema was burned finally siva was created then prema Vishnu guided an idea to siva to accept to marring an condition to gift complete power of mother,so mother was so kind to sacrifice her all power for sake of this world .

Siva by getting that power from mother burned her back and divided her aash into 3parts like parvathy lakshmi and saraswadhi her in reincarinated hence the mother(power) is consider as a symbol of sacrifice one mother hence sacrifices anything for the sake of her child, and this story proofs that the power was gifted to siva from mother herself such power todat is within you and me ana all, Comeon let as all experience the presence of power the mother in ourself by practicing the “power yoga”

By practicing yoga you realize who you are, you realize for what you are born for and also here you grow younger and beautifull through soundharya yoga we can also find the strength of your adventures all your question will be answered your social and universel and family and relationship will be binded up you also learn some posters all the blockets in your thought and nerve path will be claindsed you will grow and gearup to your maximum speed you will be supported guided, encouraged, equipped,utilized and recognized your dream will come true.

The elders blessing such as ayur arogy, aishwarya will be affored by participating, surving,developing and organizing this chanakya event.

Maha(great)yogasadak DR.rajkumar videos