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There is a door,way,path

To realize of our power,that is interacting with external and internel power.we admit there is power in air.we breath air into us through nostrilla.this breath is normally reflected by us but without neglected by us but without neglecting of we serve the breth we surely realize the strength of sence this breath we need to practice to practice we need to sit, to sit we need to plan, plan to sit and chankya organizing plan is to provide all one and lost opportunity to invite one another, to organize and universalize the world by considering,respecting,admiring one another and regognize one own self.

Our realization to that whether we are all one and similier and are generated by one power,if it is found true the dream of nature in creating us is fill filled,hence chankya provides and stage foundation to all to give realization ,chankya is to represent yoga chance to all,with tact full way in the present day life,lets admit we can’t go for tapas in jungle as before,nor we cannot wage war on any other nation just we can wage a war on ourself through our own way/ door/path of nostiles.

Maha(great)yogasadak DR.rajkumar videos