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To Grow Younger

One yodic practicioner should understand. WHAT makes him grow. Belive it or not through make you grow,physically &mentally minding on thought is an regular process what you all will under go in interaction with the Chanakya center.

Personally you should be aware of the media which make you physically&mentally grow in food,YOGA strength believes on you nor we all are the food based structure.Understandingly who we are is now possible we are all the food should be minded, nature has provided the mind to the food is your energy,Food made up of food.Food is your energy,Food is your knowledge, Food is your behavior, Food is your cause for all good and bad.

Now you can select the best food for best living.To grow younger food will help you,If to analize food matter search learn, Write,Share,Serve&Earn wealth&health.

To grow Younger you will have to feed the vitamin to your input,the protins you input will equalize the output calories you expose due to your experience,Normally you expose your experience but you never input the supportive vitamins and protins.Hair is the mistake what all you do,your power is in protin and carbohydrates and fet.Body will mine up the minerals and chemicals in the body and make at self fit.

Body need the natural chemicals to filter all the excreation of all toxins accumulate we all have neglected this awareness.Some only depend on food but does’nt work out the physical bodytherephy,Yoga practice workshop will strechs all your nerves and strength cells.

Never mind are good Sunday to congress in Chanakya CAMP you learn to stretch all your crore metered nerves system to channelize the protin,Vitamins, Fetal carbohydrates body by learning this converts,transform the strength in to talent and talent into success in to money.

To grow younger Yogi needs all protins,Vitamins,Fet &Corporates,the beloved died will keep fit to achieve. Reorders should keeps this in mind that vitamins are not generated inside the body it is to be externally feeded.According to the latest vardicts 13 to 15 varities of viyamins are available.It is sub Classified or(a) Deserve resistive vitamins and (b) Health productive vitamins. Vitamins b&c are water solarble hence its porctions dosent stay in the body.Hence it should be offenelly feeded to the body. This vitamins “B” is very impotant because it converts the food particulars in to energeticliquid with the help of energinizer Our beloved yogo sadom have provided you the recommended daily allowances (RDA) or Index of nerve diet which explories you the more of.

Vitamins its purpose reaction of body due to its deficiency the sources of lets availability& recommended daily allowance, to grow younger it is very important all sadeks has to display at your unit and teach them to teach their team,and the teaching should be done very professionally and digitically and provide on value bore to your rigic.

Maha(great)yogasadak DR.rajkumar videos