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You are born to be a gaint of scholar

No any body can match you, No any body can compit you, No any body can defeat you, No any body can kill-finish/diminish you.You mean who? Are you the body,are you the title”Name” you are called by.No you are power,you are omnipotent,you have no death at all.

As per science no nothing can be moved out of this atmosphere, including Air-Water-Earth-Fire-Cosmic-Every element will be reformed,naturally.

Hence we born gaint is brilliancy.We are not born just to eat and chat we need to learn learn learn,if each are born specially we can do miracle we can do lot of thing to this world ,we can admire are another we can use are another our sterength,our purpose,our life should be utilized not just by killing time.

Maha(great)yogasadak DR.rajkumar videos