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Sit similar to Vajrposture(chair)asana with legs little (4” – 6”) wide. Heels must be on both sides of the hips. Place the right palm on the right knee and the left palm on the left knee. Exhale through the nose and mouth stretching the tongue out. Do not breathe for a while. stretch the face muscles, widen the eyes. Look straight. It is good for students. (Simha posture(chair)asana is good for memory. Cures throat troubles and tonsillitis. It is recommended to correct stammering.)


Take the kneeling position of a cat. Rotate the neck 5 times Clockwise & Anti-clockwise.


Take the kneeling position. Stretch the left leg and lift the right hand parallel to ground. Come to the natural position. In the same manner stretch the right leg and the left hand parallel to the ground. (MARJAL POSTURE(CHAIR)ASANA & SHWAN POSTURE(CHAIR)ASANA and many more posture(chair)asana s imitate the sitting or standing positions of animals. These are so important because they make our body supple and agile.)


sit on the ground, bend the left leg so that the toes touch the right thigh. Let the right leg be straight. Hold the right foot with both hands and bend and touch your nose to the knee of your leg. Exhale and pull the stomach inside. Repeat this by chang(organs)ing the position of the legs. (This posture(chair)asana cures kidney troubles and colic pains.)


Sit and stretch both legs in front. Bend the trunk and try to hold toes with the thumb and index and middle fingers. Exhale and draw the abdomen inside. (this posture(chair)asana s are good for curing stomach disorders and good to strengthen abdomen , kidney and cures constipations and improve digestion and it also effects by rejuvenation.)

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